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Our restoration group was formed in 1988 with the intention of saving and preserving buses and coaches from a golden age, and after successfully obtaining a licence in 1999 we now operate some of our collection for the pleasure of others.

We take immense pride in what we do and always aim for the highest possible standard when presenting our buses and coaches. All our drivers are hand-picked professionals ensuring safety and service.

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Our approach to engineering excellence results in high vehicle availability throughout the busy summer months, during which each vehicle undergoes regular and stringent safety checks. Each autumn, after the operating season has finished, heavy restoration and improvement work is undertaken in our own well equipped workshops. We take particular care to replicate original detail wherever possible and work closely with local engineering firms to source and manufacture components.

We operate from our base on the West Sussex coast near Chichester. As with most such facilities, access is restricted.

Peter Staveley manages our office and is first point of contact for all enquiries:

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Free: 0800 848 8954
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Full details of our operational vintage vehicle fleet can be found by clicking here.

If you have any concerns over accessibility, please take a look at our detailed page:

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Our commitment to the continued operation and long term security of these vehicles is absolute and our next full restoration projects, a 1952 luxury tour coach and a 1969 dual-purpose bus/coach, are well under way.

Take a look at our restoration blog to get a flavour of what we're doing:

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